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DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!!I have never posted an on-line complaint about anything in my life, so you can imagine how upset this place made me.

We have been loyal customers of The Lodge since 2009. We have had great experiences with the boarding and grooming staff. We did feel that the owner, Ken Judson was a bit arrogant and stand-offish and that the staff has some questionable care practices, especially on the weekends. We ignored these concerns because the facility is very nice, it's close to our house and our dogs seemed to like it there.

Recently things have gotten a little tense with the front desk staff over a couple of minor issues. Nothing big, but it's obvious that the attitude of the owner is starting to trickle down to those who work closely with him. The final insult came just recently when I attempted to work out a solution with Ken Judson on an unwritten, unannounced policy of his, which was going to require us to alter vacation plans we had made. I attempted to work out a solution with the front desk person.

She basically told me there was no solution; it was the owner's policy, so I asked the staff member to have the owner call me. He immediately started off the conversation by reminding me he was a doctor (vet) and basically telling me he didn't have to tell anyone his policies and if I didn't like it, TOUGH. He implied that I had a lot a nerve questioning him because he has the best pet resort in the area. His exact words were "good luck finding somewhere else this nice".

I then asked for some sort of compensation for the added cost and inconvenience that his "rules" were going to cost me and he laughed at me. There was absolutely no attempt to provide any type of empathy or customer service to resolve a relatively minor issue for a loyal customer. Others have posted complaints about this place and you should heed them. The owner of a business sets the tone for that business.

If this is the way the owner treats the humans, you can imagine his contempt for the animals in his care. We no longer feel safe entrusting our dogs to him.

There are two other very nice pet resorts in the New Tampa area.Please do yourself a favor and check them out.

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I had the same issue. Owners literally brought me to tears.


Nasty owner

Tampa, Florida, United States #670440

If you ever have a problem...They simply do not care....but quick to take your money.....


I've had nothing but great experiences at the lodge not only with staff but the owners.I find it hard to believe that a bad experience or arrogance comes into play when dealing with this facility..

I have two dogs, one of which is a handful and have dealt with calls from staff and from Dr. Judson regarding their behavior and have been treated with respect and courtesy.

In retrospect here it seems like the OP here is taking a personal stand against a facility.I HIGHLY recommend them!!

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